Our company and our products are aligned with one goal in mind – to change the way we build. A material as old as the earth itself combined with 21st century technologies now allow us to finally solve the problem we’ve been plagued with for 150 years:  Steel rusts and always will. One of this country’s most costly and serious problems is the continuing deterioration of our infrastructure due to rusty and failing steel reinforcements. We intend to create awareness and provide education around our state of the art products and be the leader in this revolutionary shift.


Being that our reinforcements are certified to be stronger, lighter, greener and longer lasting; it is only our objective to create the awareness of this technology and we believe the evolution will be begin.
Our Philosophy is “top down” awareness and marketing. We continue to use our resources to help mandate on a municipal and governmental level that our products get considered on upcoming road and bridge projects where corrosion resistant materials are required.


Our diverse management team includes top leaders the from finance, marketing and innovative design and Manufacturing who believe we have generated a product that is on the cusp of the “next industrial revolution”.